Knowledge Processing

Kadamba's knowledge processing capability is predicated upon the unique ability at Kadamba to rapidly learn and absorb the operating nuances and aspects of a domain or a practice and build a delivery organization in an area of special expertise.

Defining a recruitment and training strategy for delivering a football analytics practice and building a quality assurance system in an area of subjective output are milestones on the road to setting up a football analytics practice for the global market leader in football match analysis. We have been presented with difficult and very unique processes and have successfully built the expertise in these areas and delivered value for the client.

As is second nature to us, we go beyond merely replicating the process at a lower cost all the way to reengineering the entire process, to achieve marked improvements in quality, productivity and increased richness of output.

We have developed and delivered service delivery portals that improve productivity across mid-sized organisations, with emphasis on ease of use.


When we take on an outsourcing engagement, our focus is not on replicating the process or understanding the development requirements. We instead choose to focus on the business driver for the engagement and the business purpose of the specific exercise and plan the solution accordingly. As an outcome of this approach, we often end up re engineering the process with significant benefits in the final output, faster delivery, consistent quality and streamlined delivery methods.

The sports major who outsourced their data production to us have seen their revenues treble and have gone from being a loss-making company to a cash-profitable company over the last 3 years. This was enabled in large measure by the strategic partnership with us, which enabled them to focus outward on their markets, new products and services.

We have achieved the above while doing a rapid transition of the processes, to the extent that their clients did not perceive any difference through the transition and more importantly started recognizing the higher quality of service, in term of data accuracy and speed of delivery in a very short period.

Defining unique metrics for the purpose of employee performance, reward and motivation, designing a unique three dimensional resource model comprising of permanent, contract and part-time are examples of our ability to implement an outsourcing operation successfully, even as we conceptualise a solution and very quickly roll out the implementation. The systems and processes that impart robustness to the outsourcing operation while retaining a considerable degree of flexibility makes us ideal long-term outsourcing partners, in terms of reliability and scalability.

Adherence to internationally prescribed quality standards for software and systems, appropriate skill sets, years of experience across verticals, speed of response – Kadamba ends your search for a partner who can handle your requirements while you focus on your core competencies.