For over five years, Kadamba has been part of a strategic partnership serving a UK-based football data and analysis provider and in these years, has been instrumental in facilitating the transfer of their entire processing operations to India and the expansion of the same.


We analyze over 6000 football matches a year for over 70 clubs in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Software Development

Kadamba provides ODC services to a well-known sports technology company in the UK, developing and maintaining their entire range of software products. The organization has also developed platforms for match analysis.

Technology Development

Kadamba collaborates with its clients to develop prototypes of technology and advanced services. We have developed advanced video indexing technologies, which offer support on a real time basis to satisfy our sports clients. We have a well-developed process in place to deliver high-volume and uniformly indexed and collated set of data and videos from any type of incoming videos.

Live Data Provision

Kadamba provided livematch data and statistics over the Internet during the FIFA 2010 world cup.

Managed Services

Kadamba manages cameras at over 35 professional football stadia in the UK and Canada, and in other parts of Europe and the Middle East to schedule the recordings of the match and transfer the files to our processing centre.

Website Development and Management

We have developed websites for various sports organizations and sportspersons across different sports.