There are two aspects to the key values that we adhere to at Kadamba. Innovation, which is the driving force behind all our actions. And total transparency that we wish to achieve in each of our endeavours.

Business Understanding

What sets us apart from the rest is that westart with understanding the client's business needs with utmost clarity. Every project begins with a holistic understanding of the client's needs – this necessitates going beyond the scope of the project, processing information and refining it on a scale of relevance.

This kind of business understanding supported by our development Managers who possess rich business experiencecomplemented by their technical expertisehelps us to take ownership of every project. Our clear thought processes and our total understanding of the client's requirement ensures that clients who have experienced our services always come back for more.


Over the years, we have consistently adopted a logical cum lateral approach to problems and their solutions. Here are a few such instances–

User interface design (Senior management KPI dashboards)necessitated a high amount of customized development over and above the standard basket of tools provided by software like Adobe Flex andothers from Microsoft.

Transferring large size videos at low cost, high reliability and in the shortest time from Europe to Chennai) was objective. We accomplished this through a combination of technical and manual resources, thereby achieving the objective.

Quality improvement of the sports analytics service delivery process. We have adapted several quality practices from the manufacturing sector such as root-cause analysis, random sampling techniques etc.This has set us on a path of continuous improvement.


We have enough people to be able to handle big projects, but we're small enough to deliver a personal service. We have the resources to cope with unexpected problems - but we're not so big that any customer projects become unimportant. We're just the right size – not too big, not too small.