Auction & Draft

Even before a tournament can get off the ground there lies the daunting task of getting the rosters in place for the teams. An auction or draft is the preferred method of player allocation and we provide end-to-end auction and draft day services to ensure that this process goes off as smooth as possible.

The auction/draft coverage begins with building the database of players along with their most pertinent stats. Then on the big day we put out all the information as the players come up to be drawn on the big screens at the venue. A detailed player profile is provided for each and every player.

We also cater to the teams' requirements where we assist them in building their roster by giving them tools that help monitor funds utilized, local/foreign player splits as well as a constantly updating draft roundup to show the players already sold and the ones that are still up for grabs.

Auctions/drafts are also of great interest to fans and through Kadamba's live streaming services, we have helped cover these events on Facebook or through webcasts.