Ball and Player

A collection of moving parts come together to produce moments of brilliance at the highest levels of sport. A one-dimensional view to it sometimes means you miss out on the subtleties underlying the performance of a team or a player.

Kadamba's multi-tiered product offerings help you dissect a game down to its bones. Our pitch maps, trajectory tracking and ball speed analyzer help you drill down the bowling performance during matches of a player or a team. These tools are also handy when it comes to evaluating dismissals for batsmen. These tools are easy to calibrate and user friendly meaning in no time you will be able to raise the standards of your cricket analysis.

Not just cricket, but also for sports such as badminton, hockey and kabaddi, our player tracking metrics which measure speed, distance covered and heat maps mean that your post-match performance evaluation contains elements with which you can gain a deeper understanding of the game rather than merely a superficial glance.