The world of sports analytics is dynamic and we understand that requirements can crop up at any time. Kadamba's Stats Help Desk was established for this very purpose which enables clients to get in touch with their data requests through email or phone. A constantly updating realtime database allows for live data querying giving you the most up to date stats.

Also data is just the starting point; the need for stories and tactical insights from the data is even more pressing. Our experienced panel of analysts helps you elevate your coverage by providing valuable inputs that can gives you a different dimension to the sport.

Through comprehensive preview packs which contain detailed analysis of players and teams involved in the action and live support during the matches themselves, we make sure you are covered form pillar to post every step of the way as the action unfolds. We also provide custom designed data and analysis solutions.

Our team is dedicated towards distilling down the most appealing and engaging story points from our data and making sure it reaches you in a timely and convenient manner so that you can push it across your multiple platforms.