The hand that wields the sabre is the strongest hand in the business. We have the tools, we have the data, but it takes an able hand and a strong mind to bring them together to create magic. If you have a penchant for digging deeper than most, for discovering new angles where previously none existed and have a passion for sport course through your living self, then Kadamba might have some potential career openings for you.

What we offer you is a chance to work at the cutting edge of sporting analytics, to work with some of the finest minds in the game and a chance to view sport under a new lens.

  • Kabaddi Analyst - Editorial
  • Kabaddi Analyst - Performance
  • Cricket Analyst - Performance
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Python Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • C# Developer

Editorial Analyst positions require knowledge of sport and written communication skills

Performance Analyst roles require thorough understanding of the nuances of the sport and ability to figure out patterns of play in order to develop game plans for use at the highest level of the sport